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Care and Create

By November 5, 2015Care, News

I’m often asked how I get really cool projects and why I constantly get repeat business. My answer to that is a simple one.  I care what I am creating.

One of the best feelings in the world is to create with passion. It’s the main reason I left the prestigious 9-5, to become a creative entrepreneur. I wanted everything that I touch to be a complete reflection of myself and my skills.  Taking orders from people I did not respect artistically, left me emotionally detached.

When you create inspiration should flow through you. You should transform into the role of nurturer and parent as your creation becomes part of you. It carries your name and your personality and to give it anything less than your best is probably the worst thing you can do to your artistic self and to your reputation.

Most people will say that they care about what they create, or at least have a valid reason for outputting anything short of their best.  Sure there are some valid reasons for sucking at your job, like being overworked, or incompetent, lacking a necessary skillset.  If that is the case, unfortunate as it is, perhaps you should find a new profession, or take a vacation, or work on your skill set so that you can produce up to levels of your creative desires. The key is not to make excuses for creating garbage, as excuses will likely become a crutch and before you know it you are dependent upon them.

When you create, create with purpose, and give your best. Care about what you create, allot adequate time and depth as this is what your client expects and pays for and ultimately what their customers need.

As an animator and designer, I am tasked with executing ideas from clients and working within their requirements and specifications to build something that that will meet or hopefully exceed their expectations.  Nobody wants to pay for garbage.

Unfortunately, clients don’t always know what they are doing creatively and are only building based on their limited knowledge. If we were to execute exactly what they ask for, if we do not enhance their project with our creativity and talent, then we fail ourselves and our clients, for we are building only what they want and not what they need.

This is what makes us valuable as artists.  We are the experts; this is why we get paid.  We make the clients concerns our own.  To think ahead is to prevent unforeseen issues.

A good analogy would be: The client is building a house of hay in the path of a tornado.

They are not the creative ones; they may not have the vision to see what is in their path.   They must rely on us to see with them as well as see for them.

Caring is my key to finding and maintaining great relationships with my clients. They trust me with their brands because I’m infatuated with creating the best for them and for myself, ready to sacrifice, time, stress, sleep, and peace, whatever it takes.


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