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Good Story… End of Story

By November 8, 2015Care, Create

What is better than a good story?

To me, it is hard to find anything that compares. Stories are what we build our social interactions around. It is what exercises our imagination and creativity, and helps us develop our voice. So it would only make sense that good storytelling trumps just about anything else we engage in.

“Content may be king, but great storytelling is it’s God.”

There is nothing like sitting in bed and reading a good book, or going to the theatre and watching a great movie. When we experience great stories, they resonate with us, sometimes for a lifetime. They help us escape from our daily existence, and understand things that we normally wouldn’t.

Stories are universal, yet good stories are eternal so when we as artists strive to make things relevant, we should always persevere to tell a great one. It is what resonates in the mind of individuals, whether it be a picture, a book, a movie, a commercial, an ad, a tweet, or a vine. Stories are what we know. It’s what we practice and build our conversations around.  It’s how our ancestors passed on legacies and how history has been maintained.  It is the most effective way to communicate.

While there is great storytelling today, the ratio of good to bad is drastically shifting.  We are being bombarded with content from non-storytellers.  We are not only producing content at an alarming rate, but also diluting the quality of that content.

This is good for creatives, as it is just as easy to get exposure, or make a name for yourself in the vast sea of other content creators as “cream always rises to the top”. Good storytelling is refreshing.  It is a shift in the micro content we click, browse, and tweet through, and it is drastically needed so that we as a society are checked into remembering that bad writing and bad storytelling is unacceptable.

The thing about great storytelling is that you don’t always realize just how good it is.  Great storytelling will seem natural to us, flowing naturally, while bad storytelling is jarring, with horrible pacing and quite often no character, conflict, climax, or resolution.

Good storytelling seems simple but is difficult to master. It is in many ways the greatest form of design. We as creatives know that design is about effectively communicating an idea in the least amount of steps. It is about filtering and removing anything that might confuse the viewer while guiding their eyes and their hearts to what we want them to experience and feel.

As artists, we set a foundation that establishes the who’s, what’s, when’s, and where’s.  We amplify the why’s so they stick with our audience.

If you want to bring more viewers to your site or to your YouTube videos, tell a great story.

If you want to get better at storytelling read up on it.  Watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books and takes notes on what made them great.

Whatever you do, put the effort into becoming the best you can possibly be.  Your audience, clients, and heart will thank you for it.


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