Entrepreneurship + Design = Motivation


When describing Getpapr it is a simple as it can get. Our focus is on the pursuit of money and creating well designed prints and apparel for entrepreneurs and individuals who go after their goals every single day.

We love design and business, and figured what better way to keep doing what we enjoy than to create a company that merges these two passions into one. It stared with our incessant need to just create and visualize the ideas we had in our head and to just create for the sake of creating. As time passed we realized we had a deep archive of designs that others wanted to display in their office and figured what better way then to release them to the audience for purchase.

We are designers first with a purpose for being an entrepreneur and understand the doubt, isolation, pressure, stress, and pain that comes with building your own company and wanted to let others know that we are right along with them as they look to achieving their dreams.


So with that said we close with saying,